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What is the Argentina Reciprocity Fee

Canadian and Australians visiting Argentina need a Visa or Reciprocity Fee. This document must be obtained online before arrival and it's necessary to board the plane.

How do I purchase the Reciprocity Fee at the airport?

Since 2013 you can't purchase the Reciprocity Fee at the airport anymore. You need to pay the fee online before traveling. Remember that you need to show a copy to the airline before you will be able to board your plane.

Do I need a visa to enter Argentina?

All citizens from Canada and Australia are required to obtain a Visa or Reciprocity Fee in order to enter the country. Note that the Reciprocity Fee to Argentina must be obtained prior to entering the country.

How do I apply for my visa to Argentina?

You need to complete an online application . There is no need to send off your passport. You will receive an email within 1 business day (or 30 minutes if you select rush service) containing the Reciprocity Fee.

Is the Reciprocity Fee refundable?

If your Argentina Reciprocity Fee has NOT been processed yet, then we will refund the cost of the Reciprocity Fee, NOT the Service Fee. If the Reciprocity Fee has already been processed, the Reciprocity Fee is non-refundable.

Can I purchase a visa at the Argentine airport?

No. You are no longer permitted to purchase the visa or Reciprocity Fee at the airport, you have to apply online before you arrive in Argentina.

How long is my visa valid for and how much does it cost?

Australian citizens, the Reciprocity Fee is valid for 1 year and costs $100. Canadians the Reciprocity Fee is valid until 1 month before the expiration of your current passport and costs $92. Please note that there is an additional Service Fee of $20 USD per applicant.

What if I can’t find the email with my Reciprocity Fee?

Please go to Retrieve and complete the form so we resend you the visa. This is a complementary service we provide and is extremely useful since some visas are valid for 10 years. If you experience difficulty when trying to login, please contact us via Online Chat or by Phone ( +1.302.404.3828).

Do I need a visa if I am not flying through the Buenos Aires international airport?

All citizens from Canada and Australia require a visa or Reciprocity Fee regardless of their point or method of entry.

I made a mistake on my personal information. Can I modify the form?

If you processed the Reciprocity Fee directly on our website, please contact us via Online Chat or Phone ( +1.302.404.3828) and we will assist on the matter.

Why a service fee charge?

Please note the government of Argentina has a site where you can process the Reciprocity Fee. The reason we process thousands of Reciprocity Fees per month is service.

  1. Our service includes an easy to use website. It is much easier to process your application with us especially for mobile users and large groups.
  2. We send all of our clients the Reciprocity Fee the day before travel. This is especially helpful for those passengers who purchase the fee months in advance.
  3. We also have a 24-hour customer service with professionals that are based in the United States and speak English.
Are you affiliated to Provincia Pagos?

No, we are not related to the government of Argentina. We are a private company specialized in visa processing.

Do I need to get a visa for my kids or only for me?

All Canadian and Australian citizens require a visa or Reciprocity Fee regardless of their age. So both the parents/guardians and children need to apply for a Reciprocity.